Making Changes in Your Lifestyle Today Will Impact how Your Brain Works Tomorrow

There is hope for Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease. You can make changes in your lifestyle today that will have a profound impact on how your brain will be working tomorrow.

*  Simply modify your diet, nutrition and supplements to nurture a healthy eating style

*  Reduce inflammation from food allergies and low level infections

Detoxify from heavy metals and chemicals

*  Accurately evaluate and treat hormone levels

*  Manage stress and eliminate unnecessary medications


Become a healthier person by taking care of yourself TODAY!

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Tai Chi is a system of beautiful flowing movements used in each class as a graceful, meditative exercise. Qigong is an ancient mind-body system (my favorite)for cultivating our natural energy. Yoga is a form of exercise to strengthen and tone the muscles while toning the entire body. The three put together traditionally foster deep awareness mindfulness meditation.

Regular practice of these three closely related arts promotes high levels of health, strength, confidence, longevity, calmness, and peace of mind, and also supports healthy boundaries and relationships…

Join in with several others on a Thursday evenings.

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You know you are in the right yoga class when……..

Finding the yoga practice which works for you has much to do with the individual teacher as it does the style he or she teaches. Next time you go to class, tune into your inner voice and see if you notice and feel these following key elements of a well-taught class. Nia Connecticut now has six yoga teachers from various backgrounds. Our Sunday morning has a rotation of four of these teachers for your pleasure.

YOU FEEL SAFE & SUPPORTED – Class warms up at an appropriate pace and the teacher has clear command of the room and, acknowledging new students.

YOU CAN HEAR & UNDERSTAND – the teacher’s instruction.

THE TEACHER CUSTOMIZES HIS OR HER TEACHINGS – to the ability and skill level of the students present, despite the class description or level.

THE TEACHER RESPECTS & HONORS – your physical limitations, but also can help you move outside your comfort zone in a safe & beneficial way.

THE TEACHER ADDRESSES EVERYONE – from the most adapt practitioner to the total newbie.

YOU CAN APPROACH THE TEACHER and are able to ask questions and share concerns during or after the class. (You should never feel intimidated by a yoga teacher)

YOU FEEL INSPIRED – either during or after class-or, better yet, both!

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Call it intuition, an inner intelligence or perhaps a connection to the Divine.  However you choose to define it, it’s in the practice of meditation, this quieting of the mind and detaching from your thoughts that allow your inner guidance to become uninhibited.  When you get the inner clutter out of the way, you may find you can actually “see” yourself-and your life, relationships and decisions-  more clearly. When you bathe in this awareness, you begin to heal the tissue and cracks made by aggravated stress, and can emerge with a sense of peace and purpose. Take a few minutes to remind yourself why we make time to mediate as a start. The carry on the practice to enhance the quality of meditation.

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Fight Post-Cancer Fatigue with Yoga

Practicing yoga may help reduce fatigue in breast cancer survivors according to recent studies. In a study of 200 breast cancer survivors two months to three years past their last surgical or radiation treatment, researchers found that women who took a hatha yoga class twice weekly for twelve weeks reported nearly 60 percent less fatigue six months after the class than women who took no yoga.

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Relaxing Yoga

Ease into a restful night with a quiet yoga practice focused on deep breathing to calm your mind and release physical tension. Deep breathing and relaxing stretches activates your nervous system.  Nia Connecticut provides yoga classes seven days a week and many with guided meditations. Join in at any time.

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Color Your Plate

RED FOODS like cranberries, red peppers, tomatoes and watermelon support the heart and circulatory system

ORANGE FOODS like pumpkin, papaya, sweet potatoes and peaches support skin and eye health

YELLOW FOODS like pineapple, squash and other yellows optimize brain function

GREEN FOODS like broccoli, spinach, kiwi and avocados rejuvenate muscle and bone

BLUE FOODS like plums, blackberries, eggplant and figs promote circulation

WHITE FOODS like cauliflower, onions, parsnips and garlic enhance cellular recovery and the immune and lymphatic systems

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