What is Energetic Matrix Alignment Bodywork™ with Young Living Essential Oils™?

At NIA Connecticut we provide this relaxing but very therapeutic back massage.  We select healing all natural and pure organic oils to meet your specific needs.  Each treatment involves the use of eight oils.  One is placed on your feet and seven on you spine.  Each oil is dropped along the spine and massaged in the entire back and shoulders with seven specific strokes.  Your lower back is soothed as your entire back is treated and your shoulders become very relaxed.  The final touch is a hot towel is placed on your neck, shoulders and entire back and then your seven main Chakras are followed by an experienced Reiki Master.

The therapeutic oils are intended to heal your mind, body and spirit.  Relaxation is a high point but also working on removing viruses and bacteria in your spine.  The effects of the treatment last up to seven days working internally during your busy day.

We can treat as serious issues with cancer or as minor as anxiety or stress.  Your treatment is confidential and recommended to be held in three treatments.  We provide the option of purchasing two treatments and receiving three. The cost per session of 60 minutes is $65.00 or three for $130.

An additional bonus is added by working the face, neck, ears and head.  One oil of Citrus Fresh is massaged very gently into your face after the back massage for an additional fifteen minutes.  The cost is $75 or three visits for $150.00

Oils may be purchased at NIA Connecticut. Appointments available seven days a week.

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