Going Stressless after the Holidays

When times get challenging where do you feel it the most? Maybe in your upper back or shoulders? In your chest, via heart palpitations? This is what we call somatic stress, or stress that expresses itself in the physical body. You could also be pain free but still burdened by worrisome thoughts that keep you from sleeping soundly and focusing on work. This we call cognitive stress. We can not separate the mind from the body when it comes to attaining overall health. Different stress types call for different therapeutic solutions.

For the case of Somatic Stress we provide two forms of yoga classes and also a new class TaiyogaQi. (This class combines Tai Chi, Yoga & Qigong with easy to follow moves). These classes also involve deep breathing which can slow down the heart rate lower the blood pressure. They involve connecting your breath to your body with mindful and relaxing moves.

We also provide massage therapy, Energetic Matrix Alignment body work with essential oils and Reflexology which can release muscle spasms. These are very effective and performed by three different therapists. We also provide a “four handed massage” which enables full relaxation for a 90 minute treatment.

For cognitive stress we provide Guided Meditations and silent meditations which have proven to be very effective. These can release a full day/week stress in a short session.

Stress management techniques are not all effective on everyone. We are here to discuss your needs and lead you in the right direction to improve your overall good health. Call us today for a free confidential consultation

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