Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy that works the application of pressure to 52 points on the two feet or hands. This brings the whole body into balance and creates a deep relaxation response, relieving stress or tension (75% of illness is believed to be stress related). Blood and lymphatic circulation to all organs, tissues and glands is improved. Nerve function is enhanced and the body is stimulated to release the “feel good” endorphins, which aid in alleviating pain and anxiety. The foot has been mapped to mirror the anatomy of the body, and by stimulating nerve endings in the various zones, the entire body can be reached through a reaction called the reflex arc. Millions of people around the world, both today and over thousands of years, have used reflexology as a complement to other treatments when addressing a wide range of health concerns. Regular visits, as a healthy way of life, can prevent illness before it begins.

Treatments offered at Nia Connecticut by a certified therapist

Donna Snell CR

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