Tension Tamer: Strengthen and release to ease back pain

If you have tightness or tension in your neck you can address the issue by working on the upper back and shoulders. 
  • Child’s posture ——  On your knees place your forehead on a bolster, allowing your neck to rest in a neutral position
  • Downward-facing Dog Pose……Place your feet hip width apart and reach your hands forward shoulder width apart.  Lift your hips upward and rest your head on a block to release the neck.  keep your arms active and chest open.
  • Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend…..feet wide apart lean forward to rest your head on the floor or a block.  Clasp your hands together and reach them out behind you
  • Supine Twist…..Lie down on your hip and spread your arms out in line with your shoulders. Bend you knees and tuck your heels inward. Pick up your head and turn it the opposite direction of the knees.  Repeat on other side.  This will enable your inner shoulders to gently stretch
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How to Meditate

(1)  Sit comfortably on your bed, sofa or a cushion on the floor in a cross-legged position, keep your spine straight but not ridged and close your eyes softly.

(2) Take five deep, slow breaths, then let your breath return to it’s natural rhythm, breathing through your nose. Do not try to control it.

(3) Thoughts, feelings, judgments,  sensations will arise. Do not stop them, just re-focus on your breath.  You are doing it right no matter how often you have to re-focus.

 (4) When your time is up, keep your eyes closed, and take your attention off your breath. After two minutes, open your eyes.

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Natural Detox

In YOGA, twists are said to generate heat and have a purifying effect on the body, supporting good digestion.  They may help eliminate toxins by increasing blood by increasing blood flow to digestive organs. Always practice twists on an empty stomach (to eliminate stomachache) and drink plenty of water afterward to further flush toxins and re-hydrate.

Twisting poses can play a valuable role in your yoga practice and your health.  They keep your spine flexible; they relieve and stretch the back muscles after practicing forward folds and back-bends; they massage the internal organs, helping maintain a healthy digestive system.

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Fountain of Youth

If a Fountain of Youth exists, exercise is it. Even small doses of regular exercise can make a big difference.  But in this era of fitness fads and contradictory approaches, how do you find the right program?  And once you do, how do you stay motivated?

Get the inspiration and guidance you need at Nia Connecticut. We provide a various array of classes weekly to accommodate all ages.  You can join in yoga seven days/nights weekly, enjoy the benefits of strength training to build a strong body, dance to all types of music and strengthen your core either with Pilate’s or P90X.

We also offer classes on Tuesday mornings to those who need a chair while they exercise.

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Exercise & Mindfulness Reduces Colds

In addition to getting the flu shot, you may want to exercise or meditate consistently to help protect yourself against colds and the flu.  New research shows that simple preventative measures like engaging in daily physical activity or mindfulness meditation may be almost as effective as a flu vaccine for lowering the odds of succumbing to an acute respiratory infection.

All forms of exercise are important as preventative medicine but YOGA is very important for the practice of deep breathing during the flu season….We offer YOGA seven days a week to fit your busy schedule at a very affordable price

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Yoga for Vibrant Health

Vibrant health and well-being are possible. With seven days a week yoga and yoga related classes available throughout this summer, now is the time to become the healthy version of you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Whether you’re new at yoga or looking to deepen your practice, we know how to translate ancient practices into practical tools for modern times, giving you what you need to nurture your body, self and soul.

Nia Connecticut is nestled behind the hustle and bustle of the newly developed Dayville center over seeing a vast wooded area in the front of the studio.  We are a perfect place to relax and learn something new within our natural setting. Our welcoming atmosphere will nourish you and help you make lasting, healthy changes in your life.

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Yoga to Maintain Bone Mass

Yoga can help those with osteoporosis and esteopenia. Maintain bone mass, Build Strength and Prevent Injury.  Regular weekly practice in yoga can prevent these areas of concern and make you feel physically and mentally healthier.  Nia Connecticut offers Yoga seven days a week. 

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