Time Well Spent

You can buy happiness-but not by splurging on that designer bag…Material goods are not the surest path to joy, says a study, which found that people gain greater satisfaction spending money on experiences that enrich their lives and leave them feeling more capable, independent or connected to others. So take that Zumba and yoga class or book a treatment at Nia Connecticut.  Some things are priceless and really affordable.

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Bring on Serenity with a Lotus Pose

Practicing yoga may be better at decreasing symptoms of stress-related illnesses-including anxiety, depression, cancer and heart disease.  Yoga (about 15 minutes daily) can help you, too, by enhancing coping ability and improving cognition.

Seek a quiet location and sit comfortably with legs crossed, shoulders back and head tall.  This enables the spine to hang free and long.  Rest your hands on your knees. Focus on deep breaths in the nose and feel the belly rise and contract. Focusing on the breath alone will relax the body and clear your mind from a busy day. Hold this posture for 15 minutes.

At Nia Connecticut we provide 13 yoga classes weekly to fit your busy schedule. Take some of these posturers home and enhance your well-being. We also provide a “Yoga Card” of 10 classes for only $50.  A nice treat for yourself but alsoa great gift of love to anyone!

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Discover the Sweetness Inside When You Slow Down and Listen

Feeling burnt out?  This might be the year to try a yoga class at Nia Connecticut.  Each class will enable you to RELAX and leave a in peaceful frame of mind. You can not stop everyday stress but you can learn to eliminate it in a single yoga class and be stronger to handle difficult situations.

We certainly were not built to live in fifth gear all the time. Yoga enables you to open your inner landscape and stay peaceful within your own experience.  We are pleased to offer affordable yoga classes and a variety of nine weekly.  View our schedule online and we hope to see you soon!

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Hate the Thought of Exercising? Try Tricking Yourself!

Sign up for a class that sounds intriguing but does not feel like “exercising”.

TaiyogaQi; A proven study showed that people with type 2 diabetes who took Tai Chi – Yoga – Qigong classes significantly lowered their blood sugar levels.  Tai Chi & Qigong also helps people experiencing cancer.  Today the combination of all three disciplines will promote a more healthier you!  We offer 3 TaiyogaQi classes weekly but also 9 classes in yoga. We strive to meet your wellness needs!

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Chemotheraphy and Effects on the Immune System

Reiki combined with pure essential oils (ImmuPower-Thieves-Abundance) can have a powerful effect on building your immune system but also off-set the side effects weekly from chemotherapy. The essential oils are applied to the body and treated with Reiki. Essential oils can also be inhaled daily during your weeks of chemotherapy.  This is done by mixing the oils with pure water and self applied. This is provided within the cost of Reiki

Nia Connecticut makes it affordable during challenging times,  Call (860) 779-1303 or (860) 450-6647 today for a free consultation.

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Breath as Medicine

Simple pranayama practices may bring relief for chemotherapy patients.  In a recent study at the University of California, San Francisco, patients undergoing chemo learned to practice four techniques: breath observation, Ujjayi breathing, Kapalabhati breathing (rapid forceful exhalations), and alternate-nostril breathing.  The patients reported less anxiety, more restful sleep and improved emotional well-being compared to patients who did not practice breathing techniques.
Nia Connecticut will be introducing different options for chemotherapy patients to ease their well-being through their treatments beginning in January 2013.  Contact us today if you wish information in advance and experiencing difficulties through chemotherapy treatments.
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Eating Citrus May Lower Stroke Risk

A compound in citrus fruits, especially oranges and grapefruits, may reduce your stroke risk according to a study in journal STROKE, which followed 70,000 women for more than 14 years.  Researchers think the fruits flavornoids may improve blood vessel function and counter bodily inflammation. Caution – Grapefruit juice can interfere with certain medications (especially those for blood pressure and cholesterol) so stick with whole fruit and ask your doctor before adding it to your menu.

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