You know you are in the right yoga class when……..

Finding the yoga practice which works for you has much to do with the individual teacher as it does the style he or she teaches. Next time you go to class, tune into your inner voice and see if you notice and feel these following key elements of a well-taught class. Nia Connecticut now has six yoga teachers from various backgrounds. Our Sunday morning has a rotation of four of these teachers for your pleasure.

YOU FEEL SAFE & SUPPORTED – Class warms up at an appropriate pace and the teacher has clear command of the room and, acknowledging new students.

YOU CAN HEAR & UNDERSTAND – the teacher’s instruction.

THE TEACHER CUSTOMIZES HIS OR HER TEACHINGS – to the ability and skill level of the students present, despite the class description or level.

THE TEACHER RESPECTS & HONORS – your physical limitations, but also can help you move outside your comfort zone in a safe & beneficial way.

THE TEACHER ADDRESSES EVERYONE – from the most adapt practitioner to the total newbie.

YOU CAN APPROACH THE TEACHER and are able to ask questions and share concerns during or after the class. (You should never feel intimidated by a yoga teacher)

YOU FEEL INSPIRED – either during or after class-or, better yet, both!

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